Piping Master

Master of Lifelong Learning on Piping Engineering and Design

Materials. Equipment. Instrumentation. 2D/3D design. P&ID. Isos & MTO. Plot plant. Stress. Layout (1y)

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About this course

The Piping Engineering and Design is a Master’s degree certified by University San Jorge (Spain) that lasts for one full-time academic year from October to July. It is comprised of 12 modules (24 weeks) followed by a 12-week final project. The program includes the most important topics related to piping engineering such as piping components, materials, equipment, instrumentation, drafting, flexibility analysis and pipe routing.

If you are interested in seeing the whole picture of the piping engineering discipline, this is the right program to study. It can also be useful if you are already a piping engineer but want to demonstrate your knowledge and skill with a degree.

What you'll learn

  • Week 1-2: Pipe components (I)
  • Week 3-4: Pipe components (II)
  • Week 5-6: Materials
  • Week 7-8: Equipment
  • Week 9-10: Instrumentation
  • Week 11-12: CAD drafting 2D
  • Week 13-14: P&ID interpretation
  • Week 15-16: Plot plan and piping arrangement
  • Week 17-18: Isometric and material take off
  • Week 19-20: Mechanical, internal stress and flexibility analysis
  • Week 21-22: Pipe routing rules
  • Week 23-24: CAD systems 3D
  • Final Project: (12 weeks)

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Length: One academic year

Effort: 15 hours per week

Price: 7000 €

Language: English

Certificate: University San Jorge

Modality: Online

Contact: masters@iniped.com


  • Bachelor degree in engineering or science.

Manage your time, fulfill the given deadlines.

Study from anywhere, all activities are 100% online.

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