Online Engineering Courses, Certificates and Degrees from InIPED

Through InIPED, you may enroll in the different online engineering courses: individual graduate and professional courses in engineering and related fields. Earn a graduate or professional certificate or a master in engineering part-time, at a pace that works for you.

Explore the offered online engineering courses in different areas such as piping, rotating machinery, pipe stress analysis, static equipment, electrical engineering or instrumentation.

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Ancillary equipment & Rotating Machinery Packages

4th January
2 weeks - 550 €


Instrumentation & Control of Turbomachinery

18th January
2 weeks - 550 €


PID interpretation

29th December
2 weeks - 550 €


CAD drafting 2D

12th January
2 weeks - 550 €

Our flagship courses

Piping Master

Master of Lifelong Learning on Piping Engineering and Design


Diploma in Pipe Stress and Flexibility Analysis

Rotating Machinery Master

Master of Lifelong Learning on Rotating Machinery


Diploma in Static Equipment

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Employers will notice a positive impact on their personnel and organization. Designers and Contractors ready for the next step in their career, should seek out a course to increase their knowledge, develop their skills and give themselves a head start.


Disciplines: Current disciplines include Piping Design, Stress, Static and Rotating Equipment, E&I, Project

Levels: Starting from introductory level up to specialist and Master level

Certification: The Master certificates are issued by the University of Zaragoza and University San Jorge

Documentation: The documentation is in electronic format to be downloaded by the student

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The International Institute of Plant Engineering and Design is established in February 2011 as a joint venture between Spanish universities and Red-Bag (The Netherlands).


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