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Liquid Ring Compression Technology

Botti, Alberto Introduction of Liquid Ring Compressor technology (LCR) and working principle. General cross sectional drawing and internal parts. Sizing of LRC: Input Data and conversion method. Process flow diagram and heat & material balance. Typical scheme of LRC with water as service liquid. Example of H&MB. Case studies: Flare Gas Recovery Applications Downloads Slides

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How can one know whether stub-in/stub-out or fitting connection is required or not for branch connection & in fitting type whether one should go with Tee or o’let?

Stub-out is not a correct term, this should be stub-on. Functionally if you are the piping layout designer doing piping layout then you use the information supplied on the “Branch Selection Tables” provided by the Piping Material Engineer (PME) in the Line Class specs. Functionally if you are the PME developing the “Branch Selection Table”…

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