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Ancillary equipment & Rotating Machinery Packages

The course focuses on auxiliary equipment and rotating machinery packages, covering general arrangement drawings, P&ID reviews, lube oil systems, oil reservoirs, pumps, coolers, accumulators, gas seal systems, and instrumentation for optimal machinery performance and safety.

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Fukushima 


PRICE: 1200 €

About this course


This course covers the essential aspects of auxiliary equipment and rotating machinery packages. Key topics include reviewing general arrangement drawings, understanding P&ID diagrams, and detailing lube oil systems. It explores the configuration and requirements of oil reservoirs, pumps and drivers, coolers, filters, accumulators, and rundown tanks. The course also addresses self-acting gas seal support systems and the intricacies of instrumentation, control, and electrical systems to ensure efficient and safe machinery operations.



Turbomachinery basics


10 hours / week



What you will learn

  • General Arrangement Drawing Review
  • P&ID review
  • Lube oil system
  • Oil reservoir
  • Pump and drivers for lube oil system
  • Coolers and filters
  • Accumulators and lube-oil rundown tank
  • Self-acting gas seal support system
  • Instrumentation, control and electrical systems

Frequent questions

When can I start the course?

You can start the course at any time during the year.

What type of certificate will I get?

You will receive a certificate issued by InIPED

What kind of study material will I have?

You will have some pre-recorded lectures, pdf files, self-assessment multiple-choice tests and a hands-on, practical assignments.

Will there be live lectures?

Yes. The student will meet with the instructor twice: once halfway through the course and another one at the end.



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