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CAD drafting 2D

The course outlines CAD drafting standards for piping engineering, covering paper formats, scaling, position numbers, welds, views, projections, cross-sections, special views, simplified piping drawings, steel constructions, and dimensioning methods for clear communication and accuracy.

INSTRUCTOR: Fernández, I.


PRICE: 1200 €

About this course


The course covers standards and best practices for CAD drafting in 2D for piping engineering. Topics include paper formats, scaling, position numbers, folding techniques, and detailed instructions for indicating welds, views, axonometric projections, cross-sections, and hatching. It also addresses special views, simplified piping drawings, steel constructions, and dimensioning methods. The course emphasizes the importance of using standardized methods to ensure clear communication and accuracy in engineering drawings, with references to relevant norms and guidelines.



Piping basics


10 hours / week



What you will learn

  • Introduction
  • Formats
  • Scale
  • Pos numbers
  • Folding
  • Bottom right corner
    • Dimensions
    • Data
    • Bill of materials
  • Welds
    • Definitions
    • Indication of the welded joint
    • Drawing method of the weld
    • Welding data
    • Weld length
    • Specific data
  • Views
    • Naming of the views
    • Number of views
    • Placing of the views
    • Placing of a title
    • Indication on the drawing
  • Axonometric projection
    • Isometric projection
    • Dimetric projection
  • Cross-sections & Hatching
  • Special view
  • Simplified drawing of piping
  • Projection
    • Rectangular projection
    • Isometric projection
  • The state of writing
    • Writing types
    • Dimensions
  • Steel Constructions
    • Scales
    • Views
    • Cross-sections
    • Side view of screw bolts
    • Center lines of screw bolts
    • Medians
    • Dimensioning
    • Level indications
    • Schedules
    • Names, symbols and size designation of profiles
  • Dimensioning
    • Base of dimensioning
    • Dimensioning for final drawings
    • Functional dimension
    • Dimension lines
  • References and bibliography

Frequent questions

When can I start the course?

You can start the course at any time during the year.

What type of certificate will I get?

You will receive a certificate issued by InIPED

What kind of study material will I have?

You will have some pdf files, self-assessment multiple-choice tests and a hands-on, practical assignments.

Will there be live lectures?




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