Pipe Stress (I)

Flexibility. Stress classification. Failure theory. Supports. Analysis: Sustained, operation, wind/earthquake. Dynamic (12 w).

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About this course

The flexibility analysis of piping systems is carried out by skilled persons within engineering companies. The course is created and conducted by qualified professional engineers and is based on years of experience. The purpose of this course is to train flexibility analysis, to engineers with some years of experience in the piping discipline.

What you'll learn

  • Week 1: Introduction to flexibility analysis
  • Week 2: Pipe stress classification. Failure theory. Admissible stress
  • Week 3: Stress intensification coefficients
  • Week 4: Basic piping support elements
  • Week 5: Thermal expansion. Analysis of sustained case
  • Week 6: Analysis of operation case: pipe racks
  • Week 7: Analysis of operation case: static equipment
  • Week 8: Analysis of operation case: piping
  • Week 9: Analysis of flange leakage
  • Week 10: Analysis of occasional loads: wind and earthquake
  • Week 11: Introduction to dynamic analysis. Other pipe supports.
  • Week 12: Final project

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Length: 12 weeks

Effort: 15 hours/week

Price: 1400 €

Language: English

Certificate: InIPED

Modality: Online


  • Engineers or technicians with background in mechanical engineering and the use of materials.

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