Heat Transfer Stress

Heat transfer pipe stress. Air coolers systems (6 w).

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About this course

There are equipments that are always necessary in any petrochemical and refinery industry, such as, pumps, turbines, compressors, reactors, exchangers and air coolers. These equipments also have typical piping routing which imply that from the point of view of the stress engineer, also there are common considerations that can be associated to these "typical systems". Actually the added value of an experienced stress engineer lies in the ability to deal with the typical solution to these systems. The general objective of this course is to identify the "typical problems" and bring to the student the tools required to find a practical solution for the systems related to heat transfer equipments, inside of the standard practice of stress analyst.

What you'll learn

  • Heaters
    • Types of heaters
    • Design considerations
    • Mandatory codes and standards
    • Examples
    • Exercises
  • Air coolers systems
    • Mandatory codes
    • Classification of air coolers
    • Calculation of the deflection resistance of air coolers
    • Typical piping and supports arrangements
    • Examples
    • Exercises

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  • Engineers or technicians with background in mechanical engineering and the use of materials.

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