EN 1591-1 flange calculations

Learn the basics of flange mechanics, bolts and gaskets

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Next edition: January 23, 2023

About this course

The course includes:

  • Three live seminars
  • Study notes with exercises in pdf
  • One month of FLG software license


  • Week 1: Overview of EN 1591-1 and the mechanics of the flange
  • Week 2: Flange-bolt-gasket interaction
  • Week 3: Detail subjects such as blind holes, bolt relaxation, ASME PCC-1

Meet the instructor

Length: 3 weeks

Effort: 4 h/week

Price: 1500 €

Language: English

Certificate: InIPED

Modality: Online


  • 5 years experience in mechanical engineering calculations in the process industry

Study from anywhere, all activities are 100% online.

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